BLUE uPVC Pipe and Fitting

For water supply and drainage system

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YELLOW uPVC Pipe and Fitting

For electrical and telecommunication system

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Key Quality of TVT 2002 uPVC Pipe


Excellent Impact Force

TVT 2002 Pipe is exceptional durable due to the use of high grade Polyvinyl Chloride.

High Electric Insulation

uPVC material is a natural insulator suitable for electricity and telecommunication wire tube.


Light Weight

Extremely light compared to metal and AC pipe, uPVC is easy and quick to transport and install.


With smooth, hygiene and odorless internal surface, TVT 2002 pipe is suitable for drinkable water supply system.


Corrosion Resistance

Unlike steel pipe, uPVC is naturally corrosion resistance and thus has longer lifespan.

Low Heat Conductivity

Being poor conductor, TVT 2002 pipe is able to maintain stable water temperature.