Key Quality of TVT 2002 HDPE Pipe


High Grade Raw Material

TVT 2002 is exceptionally stringent in raw material selection and quality examination processes, ensuring that our end products are so clean of toxic and contaminants that it is used for drinkable water supply, and are so durable that it last at least 50 years.

Crash and Pressure Resistance

Our HDPE pipes and fittings went through exhaustive testing to ensure they do not break or crack under normal usage and during installation.



Comparing to other pipe type, HDPE pipe is extremely flexible. It is suitable for project with bending and shifting terrain, such as underwater, seabed, mountainous, etc.

Light and Chemical Resistance

HDPE pipe is five times lighter than steel making it a more convenient choice. Being chemically inert, HDPE pipe does not corrode, making maintenance less frequent.


Heat Weld Joint

Being heat welded, all the joints are construct from the pipe material ensuring the same strength and flexibility.