Difference between TIS.17-2532 and TIS.17-2561


TIS. or “Thai Industrial Standards” are standard procedures required for a product or service designed for the benefit of consumers organized by the Thai Industrial Standards Institute or TISI.

The Thai Industrial Standards Institute or TISI. requires all food, electrical goods, vehicles, construction materials and others to comply with the Thai Industrial Standards. 

Thai Industrial Standards for rigid uPVC for drinking water classified in the mandatory standards. The standard was firstly introduced in 1972 as TIS. 17-2514. Later, two more revisions of TIS. 17-2523 and TIS. 17-2532 were implemented in the year 1980 and 1989 respectively. TIS. 17-2532 has been implemented for over 30 years until the latest revision of TIS. 17-2561 was introduced in 2019 and has been implemented since then until present.

Let us understand what the Thai Industrial Standard TIS 17-2561 is about and how is it different from TIS 17-2532

1) Rigid uPVC pipe for drinking water produced according to TIS. 17-2561 is classified with 5 pressure ratings of Class 5, Class 7, Class 8.5, Class 10.5 and Class 13.5 unlike TIS. 17-2532 which is classified with 3 pressure ratings of class 5, Class 8.5 and Class 13.5.

Difference between TIS. -1

2) Rigid uPVC pipe for drinking water produced according to TIS. 17-2561 requires more testing on effect on water compared with TIS. 17-2532 where the smell, color and taste must not be changed and no hazardous substance and heavy metals found. The contaminate of lead cannot exceed 1,000 mg/kg and cadmium cannot exceed 100 mg/kg from the surface of the pipe. The extracted solvents from the water cannot exceed with mercury  0.001 g/cm3, lead 0.01 g/cm3, arsenic 0.01 g/cm3, Selenium 0.01 g/cm3, Chromium 0.05 g/cm3, Cyanide 0.07 g/cm3, Cadmium 0.003 g/cm3, Barium 0.7 g/cm3 and the total dissolved substance cannot exceed 70 g/cm3

Difference between TIS.-2
3) Rigid uPVC pipe for drinking water produced according to TIS. 17-2561 have added new density parameter compared with TIS. 17-2532 where the density of PVC is 1,350-1,460 kg/m3 tested at ± 23 ℃ 

Difference between TIS.-3
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