How long can PVC pipe last?

PVC last 50 years

The lifespan of a PVC pipe depends on the use and quality of the pipes. High-quality pvc pipes that are manufactured according to the TIS 17-2561 standards are durable and strong. If the consumer chooses high-quality PVC pipe products and has them installed correctly by certified engineers, we can expect that the PVC pipe can be used for over 50 years.

The durability of PVC pipes depends mainly on the chemical degradation of the polymers used as raw materials in the manufacturing process. Thai Vinytech (2002) manufactures its uPVC pipe by selecting high-quality 100% virgin raw materials and compounding them with stabilizers and antioxidants to ensure long-lasting use of the PVC pipes. PVC pipes are mostly installed inside the building or underground, as a result, they are not exposed to the Ultraviolet rays from sunlight, which can reduce the life cycle of a PVC pipe.

For general use inside the building or underground applications, we can expect the PVC pipe to be used for over 50 years. However, other factors such as wrong pressure calculations, chemical exposure, or improper installations may affect the lifespan of PVC pipes.

Thai Vinytech (2002) Company Limited manufactures High quality uPVC and HDPE pipes and fittings in the Kingdom of Thailand under the trademark Thai Vinytech (2002). Thai Vinytech (2002) Company Limited uses high quality machineries with latest technologies to support customer needs in various industries. With over 25 years experience, Thai Vinytech (2002) have proven its product quality and high level of services to both domestic and international customers.

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