Thai Vinytech (2002) Co., Ltd receives “Green Label” from Thailand Environment Institute


Green Label” is a certified marking issued by Thailand Environment Institute given to a product that shows responsibility for the environment. “Green label” marking certifies that the product is environmentally friendly compared to the same product in the industry without the marking.

Receiving the Green Label from Thailand Environmental Institute marks another important achievement for Thai Vinytech (2002) as it proves that our PVC pipes and HDPE pipes produced are free from any hazardous chemicals and safe for our consumers to use our pipe for potable water and other applications.

Certification of the Green Label varies according to the type of products and environmental impact caused by the product taking the production process, the consumption process and the disposal process into consideration with the concept of reduce, reuse and recycle.

Other countries have also implemented these environmental friendly marks and certifications but may be called differently. For example, The United States certifies as the  “Green Seal” mark, The European Union certifies using the “EU Flower” mark and Japan certifies as “Eco Mark”. 

Thai Vinytech (2002) Company Limited manufactures High quality uPVC and HDPE pipes and fittings in the Kingdom of Thailand under the trademark Thai Vinytech (2002). Thai Vinytech (2002) Company Limited uses high quality machineries with latest technologies to support customer needs in various industries. With over 25 years experience, Thai Vinytech (2002) have proven its product quality and high level of services to both domestic and international customers.


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