The origin of HDPE pipe


For more than 70 years HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) has been discovered accidentally during an experiment in the 1950s. Since then, HDPE has completely revolutionized human life. With outstanding properties of HDPE such as strong and durable, Resistant to heat and chemical, HDPE is used as a raw materials in the production of consumer products such as water bottles, shampoo bottles, toys, water pipes and many more.

HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) is produced from a Catalytic polymerization via catalyst. The process creates a chain of polymers under constant pressure and temperature.

The evolution of HDPE pipes started in 1959 with the first HDPE pipes manufactured according to class PE 50, with an internal pressure rating of 5 MPa (50 bar) used as sewer pipes, agricultural pipes and mine pipes. Later, the HDPE pipe industry improved HDPE polymers for pipes having higher quality and withstand higher pressure. The second generation HDPE pipes were produced with class PE 63 with an internal pressure rating of 6.3 MPa (63 bar), and PE 80 with an internal pressure rating of 8 MPa (80 bar) respectively. They are mainly used for water supply, drainage, agricultural pipes, chemical pipes, industrial pipes, etc.

In 1995, the production process of raw materials used in the production of HDPE water pipes was further developed. By using the Bimodal production technology, it allows the pipe to withstand more pressure while reducing the wall thickness. The new material is class PE100 with an internal pressure rating of 10 MPa (100 bar) and is the class used until today.

HDPE pipes are replacing ductile iron and concrete pipes due to their superior properties such as strong and durable, Resistant to pressure, heat and chemicals. HDPE pipes manufactured in Thailand must be manufactured according to the Thai Industrial Standards TIS 982-2556

Thai Vinytech (2002) Company Limited manufactures High quality uPVC and HDPE pipes and fittings in the Kingdom of Thailand under the trademark Thai Vinytech (2002). Thai Vinytech (2002) Company Limited uses high quality machineries with latest technologies to support customer needs in various industries. With over 25 years experience, Thai Vinytech (2002) have proven its product quality and high level of services to both domestic and international customers.

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