What are yellow uPVC pipes used for?


Thai Vinytech (2002) yellow uPVC pipes are produced from high quality Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride resin. uPVC is non-conductive, non flammable, durable, and can withstand high heat; it is mostly used as conduits for electric and telecommunication cables. For better UV stability, Titanium Dioxide is added to produce higher-quality pipes that can be used for a longer period of time. Thai Vinytech (2002) yellow PVC pipes are manufactured according to the Thai Industrial Standard TIS.216-2524.

Yellow uPVC pipes can be classified into 2 types as follows:

Yellow uPVC Plain-End Pipe: uPVC plain-end pipes are pipes that have an equal and smooth surface on both ends. Yellow PVC pipes are mostly used as conduits for electric and telecommunication cables and are used with high-quality uPVC fittings.

Yellow uPVC Bell-End Pipe: uPVC bell-end pipes are pipes where one end of the pipe is “belled” out to become larger for inserting another plain-end pipe directly without using any fittings. This helps reduce the cost of fittings.

Thai Vinytech (2002) Company Limited manufactures High quality uPVC and HDPE pipes and fittings in the Kingdom of Thailand under the trademark Thai Vinytech (2002). Thai Vinytech (2002) Company Limited uses high quality machineries with latest technologies to support customer needs in various industries. With over 25 years experience, Thai Vinytech (2002) have proven its product quality and high level of services to both domestic and international customers.

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